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San Luis Obispo Engagement

Tarah + Brian – San Luis Obispo Engagement

Tarah and I met for our meeting at The Coffee Bean. I always go to The Coffee Bean. If someone ever sees me there, I

Paso Robles Wedding Photographer

Shaun + Mary – San Miguel Wedding

 WARNING:  If you don’t like to party, do not look at these photos! Mary and Shaun’s wedding was legend

San Luis Obispo Engagement Photographer

Brandon + Melissa – San Luis Obispo Engagement

I’m sitting at Coffee Bean. Big surprise right? I just got poetic and personal, let my mind, heart and fingertips

New Hope

Eric + Ashley – Married and lovin’ it!

WARNING: Lots of awesome times were had during this photo shoot. FACT: These cozy guys are insane

San Luis Obispo Mission Wedding

Raider + Sarah – San Luis Obispo Mission Wedding

These two peoples live in Portland. They are in Love.  They are Raider and Sarah. They got married in San Luis Obispo

san luis obispo portrait photographer

Haughey Units – Arroyo Grande Family Portrait

Jordan and Monica don’t mess around when it comes to making radness filled kids. They are Synergy Salon owning,