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Yosemite Wedding Photographer

Derrick + Meagan – Bass Lake Wedding

Great food.  Incredible loving people.  Massive Celebration.  Amazing location. I’m right where I love to

San Diego Wedding

Jeff + Jan Marie – La Jolla Wedding

I’m not the greatest at explaining epic events without a bunch of cozy pictures to prove it.  This wedding was

Bethany + Ron – Bakersfield Museum of Art Wedding

Epic wedding wins all day. Ron and the boys got ready and had their shower scene at the awesome Padre Hotel. The

Makaila – San Diego Newborn Portrait

I am always super stoked to see friends create families.  I photographed their wedding a few years back, and now I am

Happy New Years

It is New Years Day.  To many of us, it may just be a Wednesday.  A mid-week workday.  To others, it is a fresh start;

Judah – Arroyo Grande Family Portrait

Taking photos of my friends family is always awesome. Maternity + Newborn photos for the win.