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Happy New Years

It is New Years Day.  To many of us, it may just be a Wednesday.  A mid-week workday.  To others, it is a fresh start; a new outlook and chance to be bold and create a new you.  “This year I am going to be more _____” or “Starting in 2014 I want to live a ______ lifestyle.”  Whatever it is, I am sure the majority of us have thought something similar to this.  I’m scratching my head thinking why does it take some new numbers on a calendar to get us to be courageous?  How does a new year suddenly give us will power for opportunity to better ourselves?  We all surely know inside of us what we really want and who we want to be.  How we want to feel or look.

So today is definitely a positive day for a new you which ever way you look at it.  Without doing a google search, I am sure gyms are stoked today- everyone wants to sign up!  Thats the feeling I am talking about.  We should all feel like this everyday.  So stay inspired, be passionate and on fire with your life and who you want to be.

I am in Portland, Oregon as I write this, nestled up on a cozy couch inside of a backyard cottage that I found on Airbnb.  Its really cold outside compared to the normal 60-75 degree weather I am used to.  Last night for new years eve we went to a comedy show downtown.  On the two block walk from the car to the venue I noticed a homeless person on a sidewalk bench wrapped up like a burrito in this disney princess type pink colored blanket.  I had this crazy humble feeling come over me.  My outlook and regard for the average homeless person was set aside.  I was grateful.  I mean, I have a job and a caring family.  I have all of my teeth and the only addiction problems I suffer from is coffee, crossfit and breakfast burritos.

I guess I felt the need to share this.  So be awesome, be grateful and go after what you want.  I myself have had my share of great experiences and opportunities.  Without pursuing them, I am not sure I would be where I am.  I still may be working towards new goals, and in a positive way; may I never be complacent with where I am at in life; rather always striving for a better me.

And because this is a photography website, here are two pictures of me in Portland.


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